Enzyme Combo LA

Our Enzyme Combo LA allows you to test 8 of our most popular enzymes to see which one works best for your application.  Each combo includes:

  • Klentaq LA (20ul)
  • OmniTaq LA (25ul)
  • OmniTaq 3 LA (25ul)
  • Omni Klentaq LA (25ul)
  • Omni Klentaq 2 LA (25ul)
  • Cesium Klentaq AC LA (20ul)
  • CesiumTaq LA (20ul)
  • three tubes of reaction buffer (Klentaq Reaction Buffer, Klentaq Mutant Reaction Buffer, and Taq Mutant Reaction Buffer)

Special requests for substitution of Cesium Klentaq C LA will be honored.

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