PCR is a widely used technique for amplifying DNA sequences.  Sadly, it's common for PCR reactions to fail and stall research for weeks or months.  That's where our technology comes in!

Our History

Dr. Wayne Barnes at Washington University invented a new DNA polymerase called Klentaq.  This enzyme greatly improved the fidelity of PCR. Later, he invented Klentaq LA which allows for amplification of very long target sequences.  Both these enzymes vastly outperform old fashioned Taq polymerases. He then started the company DNA Polymerase Technology to continue improving PCR tech.

New enzymes invented at DNA Polymerase Technology have further improved PCR.  The Cesium enzymes provide an automatic hot-start and the Omni enzymes overcome many common PCR inhibitors.  They enable PCR in 40% blood (EDTA, Citrate, and Heparin treated), plasma, and serum. They are also able to overcome other PCR inhibitors including urine, tannins, indigo dyes, melanin, feces/bile salts, sperm, soil/humic acid, plant extract, ethanol, GITC, milk, cheese, chocolate, seafood, meat, and water.

Other technology developed includes PCR Enhancer Cocktails (PEC) and a hot-start buffer.

Explore our products and try out the newest PCR technology available. Your reactions will thank you.