Our inhibition resistant DNA polymerases are specially selected for their high resistance to widely encountered potent PCR inhibitors, such as whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, humic acid, bile salts, plant tissues extracts, various food related inhibitors, GITC, ethanol  and others. As a result, these enzymes can tolerate such inhibitors in PCR at levels where most commercial Taq products fail to perform. This unique feature of the Taq mutants allow for direct PCR of various clinical, environmental, and forensic crude samples, skipping the DNA extraction steps.  Pairing these products with a PCR Enhancer Cocktail (PEC) may further enhance inhibition resistance.

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OmniTaq 300 125 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns) $280.00
OmniTaq 2 302 125 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns) $350.00
OmniTaq 3 303 125 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns) $350.00