Our 5x ready-to-use PCR kit contains OmniTaq LA, a triple mutant of Taq polymerase that makes the enzyme resistant to the inhibitory effects of blood, soil and more, with the Long-Accurate feature that allows amplification of longer products with higher fidelity and accuracy. It remains functional in up to 20-25% whole blood, especially in the presence of our enhancer products, or in some concentrations of crude soil extract where other commercial enzymes fail. OmniTaq is extremely sensitive and able to pick up trace amounts of DNA in the sample reaction. OmniTaq managed to successfully amplify a single-copy human gene target from 5 pg input DNA. Another special feature of OmniTaq is its fast running ability. A 600 bp bacterial target was amplified with 5 seconds extension time and 35 cycles starting off with 1 ng of DNA template.

This kit can be used for conventional as well as real-time PCR. For real-time reactions you may need to add a fluorescent dye as an alternative to probes.  LA enzymes are not recommended for use with dUTP.  

Kits include enzyme and a separate master mix of buffer, and dNTPs.     

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500 x 25 ul rxns
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