A reduced glycerol preparation of Omni Klentaq, a multipurpose mutant of Klentaq is able to overcome inhibitors in blood, serum, soil, inhibitory foods, and fluorescent dyes. Omni Klentaq can tolerate 15 - 20% whole blood or serum in the PCR reaction. We highly recommend pairing this product with one of our PCR Enhancer Cocktails. Since Omni Klentaq lacks 5' exonuclease activity, it is not suitable for TaqMan assays.

Please allow up to one week additional lead time for Lyoph-Ready preparations.

Catalog Number
1000 rxns (equivalent to 250 ul standard enzyme. Volume may be up to 2.5x higher)
Inhibition Resistance
Clinical / Forensic Samples
⁠— Whole Blood
⁠— FTA Blood Spot
⁠— Plasma
⁠— Serum
⁠— Saliva /Swabs
⁠— Sperm
⁠— Urine
More Forensic Samples
⁠— Soil / Humic Acid
⁠— Melanin
⁠— Tannins
⁠— Indigo Dyes
Other Samples
⁠— Animal Tissue Homogenates
⁠— Tissue Cultures
⁠— Bacterial Cultures