Hot Start Omni Klentaq is made with aptamer-based technology, enabling room temperature reaction set-up.  

Omni Klentaq, a multipurpose mutant of Klentaq, is able to overcome inhibitors in blood, serum, soil, inhibitory foods, and fluorescent dyes. It can tolerate 15 - 20% whole blood or serum in the PCR reaction.

The aptamer binds to the polymerase at sub-cycling temperatures, inactivating the enzyme and preventing spurious amplification.

We highly recommend pairing this product with one of our PCR Enhancer Cocktails.



Catalog Number
125 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)

Hot Start Omni Klentaq Performance Data

Hot Start Omni Klentaq outperforms its standard counterpart

Hot Start Omni Klentaq outperforms its standard counterpart when amplifying a human gene target from purified DNA.


See more data on our Performance Data page.

Inhibition Resistance
Clinical / Forensic Samples
⁠— Whole Blood
⁠— FTA Blood Spot
⁠— Plasma
⁠— Serum
⁠— Saliva /Swabs
⁠— Sperm
⁠— Urine
More Forensic Samples
⁠— Soil / Humic Acid
⁠— Melanin
⁠— Tannins
⁠— Indigo Dyes
Other Samples
⁠— Animal Tissue Homogenates
⁠— Tissue Cultures
⁠— Bacterial Cultures