Hot Start OmniTaq 2 is made with aptamer-based technology, enabling room temperature reaction set-up. 

OmniTaq 2 DNA polymerase is a mutant of Taq polymerase that provides 2-3x faster PCR and some inhibition-resistance.  

The aptamer binds to the polymerase at sub-cycling temperatures, inactivating the enzyme and preventing spurious amplification. 

Please note that Hot Start OmniTaq 2 is not yet optimized for use in RT-PCR or RT-LAMP. 

We highly recommend pairing this product with one of our PCR Enhancer Cocktails.

Catalog Number
125 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)
Hot Start OmniTaq 2 improves amplification

The Hot Start version of OmniTaq 2 provides improved amplification for this tough target 

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