Omni Klentaq LA is a triple mutant of Klentaq polymerase that makes the enzyme resistant to the inhibitory effects of blood, soil, inhibitory foods, and fluorescent dyes.  It remains functional in up to 20 - 25% whole blood, especially in the presence of one of our PCR Enhancer Cocktails.  It can also tolerate some concentrations of crude soil extract where other enzymes fail. The Long-Accurate feature allows for amplification of longer products with higher fidelity and accuracy.

We highly recommend pairing this product with one of our PCR Enhancer Cocktails.

Catalog Number
125 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)
Inhibition Resistance
Clinical / Forensic Samples
⁠— Whole Blood
⁠— FTA Blood Spot
⁠— Plasma
⁠— Serum
⁠— Saliva /Swabs
⁠— Sperm
⁠— Urine
More Forensic Samples
⁠— Soil / Humic Acid
⁠— Melanin
⁠— Tannins
⁠— Indigo Dyes
Other Samples
⁠— Animal Tissue Homogenates
⁠— Tissue Cultures
⁠— Bacterial Cultures