The PCR Enhancer Cocktail Combo contains 1.25 ml (100 x 25 ul rxns) of each of our five PECs as well as 5M Betaine.  This will allow you to try all of our enhancer formulations to see which one is right for you. Please refer to our PEC Comparison Page for more information and for help selecting the right PCR Enhancer Cocktail for your application.

Our family of PEC products are non-betaine based PCR enhancers specifically designed for use with inhibitory templates such as plasma, serum, whole blood, inhibitory food matrixes, plant tissue, polyphenolic samples, humic acid, bile, and feces.  In many cases amplification may be performed without DNA purification. They are highly recommended for use with our inhibition-resistant Taq and Klentaq mutants. When used with a PEC, our enzymes can tolerate at least 25% plasma, serum, or whole blood, and as high as 80% GC content templates. PECs are efficient in conventional or real-time PCR, both in SYBR Green and TaqMan assays. PECs are compatible with most commercially available DNA polymerases, but they are not recommended for use with AmpliTaq Gold.

Betaine is a general PCR enhancer that works by equalizing G-C and  A-T binding.  It lowers the melting temperature of template and primers by 2-3°C.   Betaine also facilitates inhibition resistance of our mutant enzymes.  

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1.25 ml each enhancer
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