Product Overview

All of our polymerases are available in LA (Long Accurate), non-LA versions,
or, for convenience, as part of a 5x PCR kit.

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Klentaq1 and Klentaq LAOur 5'-exonuclease deficient Taq polymerase provides improved fidelity and thermostability, especially as part of an LA (Long Accurate) enzyme mix.


Long Accurate Products

Omni Mutants of Taq and Klentaq

Our Omni enzymes are triple mutants of Taq or Klentaq1 polymerases, resistant to blood, serum, soil, fluorscent dyes, and other inhibitors of PCR.  We highly recommend pairing these enzymes with one of our

PCR Enhancer Cocktails.

Inhibition Resistant Products
CesiumTaq and Cesium KlentaqOur Cesium enzymes are double cold-sensitive mutants of Taq or Klentaq1 DNA Polymerases.  They provide an automatic hot start for PCR due to supressed activity at low temperatures.Hot Start Products
PCR Enhancer Cocktails (PEC)Our PEC products are non-betaine based PCR enhancers specifically designed for use with blood and soil.   They are highly recommended for use with our OmniTaq and Omni Klentaq enzymes.  Works with most commercially available polymerases.PCR Enhancers

Still not sure which enzyme is right for you?  Consider an Enzyme Combo with samples of several enzymes.