Hot Start OmniTaq 3 is made with aptamer-based technology, enabling room temperature reaction set-up.  

OmniTaq 3 DNA polymerase is a mutant of Taq polymerase that makes the enzyme resistant to the inhibitory effects of blood, soil, and more.  It remains functional in up to 40% whole blood, especially in the presence of our enhancer products. OmniTaq 3 is suitable for direct amplification of samples containing plant tissues and feces. It also works in some concentrations of crude soil extract or inhibitory food matrices where other commercial enzymes fail. 

The aptamer binds to the polymerase at sub-cycling temperatures, inactivating the enzyme and preventing spurious amplification. 

We highly recommend pairing this product with one of our PCR Enhancer Cocktails.



Catalog Number
125 ul (500 X 25 ul rxns)

Hot Start OmniTaq 3 Outperforms OmniTaq 3 in Purfied DNA

Hot Start OmniTaq 3 outperforms its standard counterpart in purified DNA

Hot Start OmniTaq 3 outperforms its standard counterpart when amplifying a human gene target from purified DNA.  

See more data on our Performance Data page.

Inhibition Resistance
Clinical / Forensic Samples
⁠— Whole Blood
⁠— FTA Blood Spot
⁠— Plasma
⁠— Serum
⁠— Saliva /Swabs
⁠— Sperm
⁠— Urine
⁠— Feces / Bile
More Forensic Samples
⁠— Soil / Humic Acid
⁠— Melanin
⁠— Tannins
⁠— Indigo Dyes
Food Samples
⁠— Milk
⁠— Chocolate
⁠— Cheese
⁠— Meat
⁠— Black Pepper
Other Samples
⁠— Animal Tissue Homogenates
⁠— Tissue Cultures
⁠— Plant Tissue Extracts
⁠— Bacterial Cultures
⁠— Ethanol