PCR Enhancer Cocktail 2 is particularly recommended for blood treated with citrate or EDTA, plasma treated with citrate or EDTA, or serum.  Please refer to our PCR Enhancer Cocktail information page for more information and for help selecting the right PCR Enhancer Cocktail for your application.

Our PCR enhancer cocktails: In an attempt to overcome PCR inhibition, enhance PCR amplification, and simplify the PCR protocol, we developed PCR enhancing cocktails PEC-1 and PEC-2. These cocktails, in combination with our inhibitor-resistant Taq mutants, OmniTaq and Omni Klentaq, enable efficient amplification of exogenous, endogenous, and high GC-content DNA targets directly from crude samples containing human plasma, serum and whole blood without DNA purification. In the presence of these enhancer cocktails, the mutant Taq enzymes can tolerate at least 25% plasma, serum, or whole blood, and as high as 80% GC content templates in PCR. These enhancer cocktails also improved the performance of the novel Taq mutants in real-time PCR amplification using crude samples, both in SYBR Green fluorescence detection and TaqMan assays. The novel enhancer mixes facilitate DNA amplification from crude samples with most commercial Taq DNA polymerases. PEC-1 and PEC-2 however do NOT perform well with AmpliTaq Gold.

Catalog Number
6.25 ml (for 500 rxns of 25 ul each)
Enzyme Properties
PEC Properties
Citrate treated blood
EDTA treated blood
Citrate treated plasma
EDTA treated plasma
Non GC-rich target